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How to Open a Garage Door Manually from Outside: Step-by-Step Guide

Garage doors usually rely on an automated system to open and close, but sometimes technical issues or power outages can prevent them from working properly. Knowing how to open a garage door manually from outside is important to access your garage when the automatic opener isn’t functioning. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you.

Why You May Need to Open Your Garage Door Manually

1. Power Outages

Power outages can leave your automated garage door opener inoperable.

2. Opener Malfunction

A mechanical issue or dead remote batteries could prevent the opener from working.

3. Emergency Situations

In emergencies, quick manual access may be necessary.

Step-by-Step Guide to Manually Opening a Garage Door from Outside

1. Locate the Emergency Release Kit

  • The emergency release kit contains a lock cylinder and cable, typically installed in the center of the garage door.
  • Insert the key into the lock cylinder and turn it to release the lock.

2. Unlock the Emergency Release Cable

  • Once the cylinder is unlocked, pull out the cable through the hole to disengage the opener carriage from the door.
  • This action disconnects the automated system and allows manual lifting.

3. Lift the Garage Door

  • With the opener carriage disengaged, carefully lift the garage door.
  • Open it fully, ensuring it stays securely in place.

4. Close and Secure the Garage Door

  • Once you’re ready to close the garage door, lower it gently to the ground.
  • Make sure it sits firmly in the closed position for security.

Table: How to Open a Garage Door Manually from Outside

Step Description
Locate Release Kit Find the lock cylinder and emergency cable in the middle of the garage door.
Unlock Release Cable Insert the key, unlock the cylinder, and pull out the emergency cable to disengage the opener.
Lift the Garage Door Manually lift the door to open it fully and securely.
Close and Secure Lower the garage door gently and ensure it locks securely in place.

Safety Tips When Opening a Garage Door Manually

1. Ensure a Firm Grip

Hold the garage door securely while lifting or lowering to prevent it from slamming down.

2. Check the Spring System

If the spring system is broken or damaged, avoid lifting the door yourself and seek professional help.

3. Use a Partner if Possible

Having someone assist you can help manage the weight and reduce the risk of accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I open my garage door manually without an emergency release kit?

Most modern garage doors have an emergency release kit. If yours doesn’t, seek assistance from a professional garage door technician to access the door.

2. How does the emergency release kit work?

The emergency release kit disconnects the carriage that connects the opener to the garage door, allowing the door to move freely.

3. Will opening the garage door manually damage the opener?

No, as long as the emergency release cable is disengaged properly, opening the garage door manually shouldn’t damage the opener.

4. What should I do if my garage door feels too heavy to lift manually?

If the garage door is too heavy, the springs may be broken or out of balance. Avoid using excessive force and contact a technician for assistance.

5. Do I need to reset the garage door opener after using the emergency release?

Yes, reconnect the carriage to the garage door opener by pulling the emergency release cable in the opposite direction and testing the opener.

6. Can I manually open a garage door if the spring system is broken?

It’s not recommended to manually open the door if the springs are damaged. The door may be too heavy to lift safely. Contact a professional for repairs.

7. What if I lose the key to the emergency release kit?

Contact a locksmith or garage door technician to replace the key or the entire emergency release kit if it’s lost or damaged.


Knowing how to open a garage door manually from outside ensures you’re never locked out in case of power outages or technical issues. For professional assistance or installation of an emergency release kit, contact NV PRO Garage Doors in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our expert team will help keep your garage door accessible and secure at all times.

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